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drakor yang lagi hits

1. What is Drakor?

Drakor is a term used to refer to Korean dramas, which have gained immense popularity in recent years. These dramas are known for their unique storylines, excellent cinematography, and talented actors.

The popularity of drakor has spread beyond Korea and has reached audiences all over the world, including Indonesia. Indonesian viewers have been captivated by the gripping stories and charismatic characters in these dramas.

2. What Makes a Drakor "Hits"?

A drakor is considered "hits" when it becomes immensely popular among viewers. This can be due to its unique storyline, relatable characters, or exceptional performances by the actors.

Drakor that are hits often create a buzz on social media, with viewers discussing and analyzing the storyline, characters, and plot twists in detail. These dramas often have a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits each new episode.

3. Top Drakor that are Currently Hits in Indonesia

DrakorGenreLead Actors
Itaewon ClassDrama, RomancePark Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung
Crash Landing on YouRomance, Comedy, DramaHyun Bin, Son Ye-jin
Backstreet RookieComedy, RomanceJi Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung
It's Okay to Not Be OkayPsychological, Drama, RomanceKim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji
Start-UpBusiness, RomanceNam Joo-hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim Seon-ho

3.1 Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a drama that tells the story of a young man named Park Sae-ro-yi, who sets out to avenge his father's death and fulfill his dreams of becoming a successful businessman. Along the way, he meets Jo Yi-seo, a talented and ambitious woman who becomes his ally in his fight against a powerful conglomerate.

The drama has captured the attention of viewers with its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and outstanding performances by the cast. It has also addressed important social issues such as discrimination and prejudice.

3.2 Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is a romantic comedy that follows the story of a South Korean chaebol heiress who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea while paragliding. She meets a North Korean army officer who helps her return home while they fall in love.

The drama has gained a massive following due to its unique premise, charming characters, and heartwarming romance. It has also been praised for its depiction of the cultural differences between North and South Korea.

3.3 Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie is a romantic comedy that revolves around the story of a convenience store owner named Choi Dae-hyun and his quirky part-time employee Jung Saet-byul. The drama explores their relationship as they face various challenges in their personal and professional lives.

The drama has been well-received for its light-hearted and entertaining storyline, as well as the chemistry between the lead actors.

3.4 It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay is a psychological drama that delves into the complex and often misunderstood world of mental health. The story revolves around a children's book author with an antisocial personality disorder and a psychiatric nurse who helps him confront his past traumas.

The drama has been praised for its sensitive and nuanced portrayal of mental health issues, as well as the exceptional performances by the cast.

3.5 Start-Up

Start-Up is a drama that follows the lives of young entrepreneurs as they strive to make their dreams a reality in the highly competitive world of start-ups. The story revolves around a young woman named Seo Dal-mi, who dreams of becoming Korea's Steve Jobs, and her love triangle with two talented and ambitious young men.

The drama has been praised for its fresh and engaging storyline, as well as the impressive performances by the cast.

4. Conclusion

Drakor has become a phenomenon in Indonesia, with viewers eagerly anticipating the latest hits. The dramas highlighted in this article are just a few examples of the excellent storytelling, talented actors, and relatable characters that have captured the hearts of Indonesian audiences.