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drakor happy ending


Drakor, or Korean dramas, have become increasingly popular in Indonesia in recent years. Many people enjoy watching these dramas for the compelling storylines, unique cultural insights, and high-quality production values. However, what really sets some drakor apart from others is their ability to deliver a satisfying, or "happy ending." In this article, we will explore the reasons why drakor with happy endings have become so popular, and what makes them so appealing to viewers.

What is a Happy Ending?

Firstly, let's define what we mean by a "happy ending" in the context of drakor. Simply put, it refers to a storyline that concludes with a positive outcome for the main characters. This can take many forms, such as a romantic relationship being established or a long-standing conflict being resolved.

While not all drakor have happy endings, they are often more popular among viewers than those with unresolved or tragic endings. This is because happy endings leave viewers feeling satisfied and uplifted, whereas unresolved or tragic endings can leave them feeling disappointed or upset.

The Appeal of Happy Endings

So, what is it about happy endings that makes them so appealing to viewers? Here are some possible reasons:

1. Emotional satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, happy endings leave viewers feeling emotionally satisfied. They provide closure to the story and allow viewers to feel a sense of resolution and fulfillment. This is especially important when it comes to drakor, which often deal with complex emotions and relationships.

2. Escapism

Many people watch drakor as a form of escapism from their everyday lives. Happy endings provide a sense of comfort and positivity that can be difficult to find in real life. They allow viewers to temporarily forget their problems and immerse themselves in a world where everything turns out well in the end.

3. Hope

Happy endings can also provide a sense of hope to viewers. They show that even in the face of adversity, it is possible for good things to happen. This can be particularly important for viewers who may be going through difficult times in their own lives.

Examples of Drakor with Happy Endings

Now that we have explored the appeal of happy endings in drakor, let's take a look at some examples:

TitlePlot Summary
Cinderella and Four KnightsA young woman who is struggling to make ends meet moves into a mansion owned by four rich and handsome men. Despite their initial animosity towards each other, she forms close bonds with all of them and eventually falls in love with one. The drama ends with the two of them getting together and the other three men finding their own happiness.
Strong Girl Bong-soonA young woman with superhuman strength becomes the bodyguard of a CEO who is constantly threatened by a mysterious criminal. Along the way, she falls in love with her boss and helps him overcome his own personal struggles. The drama ends with the two of them getting married and living happily ever after.
GoblinA goblin who has been cursed with immortality falls in love with a human woman who has the ability to see ghosts. Together, they must navigate various obstacles and challenges in order to be together. The drama ends with their love being able to break the curse and the goblin finally being able to pass on.


Drakor with happy endings have become a beloved genre among viewers in Indonesia and around the world. Their ability to provide emotional satisfaction, escapism, and hope has made them a staple of the entertainment industry. By understanding the appeal of happy endings, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling and its ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.