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drakor extraordinary you

What is Drakor Extraordinary You?

Drakor Extraordinary You is a South Korean drama series that premiered on MBC network on October 2, 2019. It is based on the webcomic "July Found by Chance" by Moo Ryoo. The drama follows Eun Dan-oh, a high school student who discovers that she is a character in a comic book and tries to change her fate.

Plot Summary

Eun Dan-oh is a high school student who lives in a world where everyone's fate is predetermined. She discovers that she is a character in a comic book called "Secret" and her role is to be the supporting character to the main lead, Ha-ru. As she tries to change her fate and be the main lead, she meets other characters who are also aware of their roles in the comic book. Together, they try to uncover the truth behind their world and the creator of the comic book.

Main Characters

Eun Dan-ohKim Hye-yoon
Baek KyungLee Jae-wook
Oh Nam-juKim Young-dae

Why You Should Watch Drakor Extraordinary You

Drakor Extraordinary You offers a unique and refreshing take on the typical high school drama. The concept of characters being aware of their roles in a comic book opens up a lot of possibilities for the story. The acting is top-notch, especially from Kim Hye-yoon who delivers a standout performance as Eun Dan-oh. The chemistry between the main leads, Ha-ru and Eun Dan-oh, is also a highlight of the drama. If you're looking for something different and entertaining, Drakor Extraordinary You is definitely worth checking out.