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download drakor my name sub indo

What is Drakor My Name?

Drakor My Name is a popular Korean drama series that revolves around the life of a man who goes by the name of Yoon Ji-woo. The drama showcases his journey as he deals with various challenges and obstacles, both in his personal and professional life.

What is the Plot of Drakor My Name?

The drama follows the life of Yoon Ji-woo, a man who dreams of becoming a successful webtoon writer. However, things take a turn when he gets involved in an accident that leads to him losing his memory. As he tries to regain his memories, he comes across a woman named Han So-hee, who helps him through his journey. The series showcases their relationship as they navigate through various challenges together.

Who Stars in Drakor My Name?

The lead roles in Drakor My Name are played by Choi Jong-hoon, Park Sung-hoon, and Han So-hee. Other notable cast members include Lee Hak-joo, Kim Jin-woo, and Jo Yi-hyun.

Where Can I Download Drakor My Name Sub Indo?

If you're looking to download Drakor My Name with Indonesian subtitles, there are various websites that offer this service. Some popular ones include Dramacool, KissAsian, and Viki. However, it's important to note that downloading copyrighted content is illegal and can lead to serious consequences.

Is Drakor My Name Worth Watching?

Drakor My Name has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The series showcases a unique storyline and features well-developed characters. If you're a fan of Korean dramas, this is definitely one to add to your watchlist.


Drakor My Name is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys Korean dramas. The series features an engaging plotline, well-developed characters, and top-notch performances from the cast. If you're looking to download the series with Indonesian subtitles, make sure to use a reputable website and avoid any illegal activities.